Once you reach that certain age you realize that not matter what your opinion is, The Times (either New York or the original London one) will not come knocking on your door with a demand that you write a column for them.    After years of being frustrated that that no-one ever found your secret diary and read your musings, you resort, like millions of others, to posting on the inter-webs.  This is after you get fed up of hanging around the water-cooler or the break-room to snare some unsuspecting co-worker and rant over the frustrations of every day life.

I am convinced that all the great diarists (there are over 500 listed on one website alone) may have started out with “woke up, got out of bed, brushed my hair and drank a cup”, but soon came to the conclusion that “hey – I can actually write down my thoughts and opinions as well”.  So that is the point of what I am doing here…. being either a grumpy old woman or man, a sort of transatlantic version of the comedic Victor Meldrew from BBC tv ‘One Foot in the Grave’ …. or just giving the world my two cents on the things that everyone has two cents about.

Henry Ford once said that “thinking is hard work, that is why so few do it”.    It’s a said fact that most people tend to go “oh yeah….” and take on the opinion of the day.  I once worked for a boss who used to say that “when I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is first”.  But this blog is not that.  I’m not asking for you to agree with me, or radically disagree either.  This is not intended to be like Fox News or The Daily Mail or Glenn Beck…

So:  read and feel free to disagree.  Feel free to post a comment, but remember:  This is my blog, my thoughts and if I want to delete your comments I will…….   You wouldn’t dream of critiquing your sister’s diary – especially in permanent marker – so the same applies.

Oh, before you ask…  Cryptothinker may be female or male, may be somewhere in Europe or east of the Sierras and may or may not be considered left or right wing.  All I will confirm is that I am of that certain age.


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